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Live the Life you Love...

Have you ever felt frustrated by the feeling you have to “choose” between bodywork and emotional support in order to get relief from stress and fear -- stuff that keeps you from moving forward in creating the life you desire?

Introducing “AWAKEN” This one-on-one, private and personalized 8-week integrative system artfully uses the process of Soul Coaching and CranioSacral Therapy (Bodywork) to optimize your body, mind and spirit for deep and lasting change to impact all areas of your physical and spiritual life.

8-Week Integrative Program Includes:
  • One 1.1/2-hour Private Coaching Session to set program goals

  • Five 60-minute Private Soul Coaching Sessions
  • Three 60-minute Private Custom Designed Bodywork Sessions
  • (Bodywork sessions can include CranioSacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki, or a combination based on your specific therapeutic needs)
  • One 15-minute SOS Calls, Tools, Techniques, Assignments, and E-mail Access
  • One 15-minute follow up session upon program completion

It is my mission and my purpose to guide people back to their hearts to resource the Love and Truth of who they are so they can create the life they love.

Are you ready to live your life fully?
• Are you feeling anxiety, fear and overwhelm?
• Is your body suffering from tension, stress or a heaviness that won’t go away?
• Are you tired of not moving forward with your desired goal, and disappointed that last year didn't turning out to be your “break-out” year?

If so, now is the time to AWAKEN and return to the heart of you.

Awaken is a comprehensive Eight-Week Coaching and Bodywork healing system designed to:
  •  Release unwanted tension in both the mind and body in order to experience optimal vitality
  • Create synergy between your mind and body so that you are able to access your
  • truth and innate wisdom, finally hearing the still, small voice inside
  • Increase your confidence, unlock your faith in the divine, inspire creativity,uncover new levels of self acceptance and self love to feel empowered, joyous and free
  • Teach you how to recognize unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs so that you are no longer blocked from achieving your life-long dreams
  • Help you learn to make healthy, soulful and conscious choices that are aligned with your core values and life purpose
  • Unravel your “inner critic” to strengthen and create the kind and self - accepting voice of self love
  • Master one-of-a-kind supportive Soul Coaching tools, techniques and strategies to create changes that will last a life time

Imagine that you are a person who maintains states of peace and satisfaction, someone who walks in life with confidence and acceptance of yourself and others; you have the foundation in trusting your inner guidance and the ability to access tools and strategies to call upon when facing challenges and fears; you are able to expand to allow more love, more abundance and more success without falling into unconscious blocks.

If you would like to make that your reality, contact me at 818.458.6815 Lynda@EssenceOfYouSoulCoaching.com

With heart and soul,

Lynda McCloskey

There is a place within us all that yearns to be seen, felt, understood and held in the Presence of Love. This is the place where I stand and offer my hands and heart to you.

About Lynda:  She has been sought after for counsel as far back as she can remember.  Joyfully she has answered this calling and has been supporting women professionally for over 15 years.   Her compassionate approach to transformational life-coaching creates space where women feel safe and accepted exactly as they are.  Her work helps women return to love no matter what the situation or circumstance they are experiencing.  This is the foundation of her offering:  the remembrance to return to love.  She has seen for herself and others that when we are in alignment with our truth, core values and our worth, we discover that there is really nothing for us “to do”; instead we simply know that Love IS, Inner Peace IS, Self-Worth IS.  From this place of non-doing, our inner radiance shines and attracts what we truly desire, because we are already that within ourselves.  Lynda’s passion is supporting the awakening of women so that they can embody their worth and live the life they truly desire and to express and experience true love.

She has been study varies teachings for over 20 years such as:  Shamanic practices, Process Oriented Psychology, Life Coaching, CranioSacralTherapy, Massage Therapy, Reiki, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Comfort Touch for the Dying, Sacred Movement,  Improv Theater and Kundalini Yoga. Her resources are not limited to these modalities specifically. Her gifts are knowing what to bring and when.



I have been working with Lynda for approx. 2 years. I felt an instant comfort level with her due to her attitude of acceptance rather than judgment. She gave me a feeling of being supported rather than making me feel a need to live up to something that maybe I could not. This liberating feeling while sharing time and soul with another has brought me a great happiness. By discussing goals and delving into myself under Lynda's natural guidance I have been able to achieve a sense of great self worth and have been able to recover from a lengthy depression. I have been working on listening to myself and my needs as well as learning to make my voice heard. I live with Fibromyalgia and have had to live with the feeling of non productiveness. Under Lynda's care I am enjoying a life full of far more "aliveness" and accomplishment than has been mine for years. I feel empowered and able to shed my guilt of non participation for I am making great strides. When I leave a session with Lynda I am fully relaxed, fully aware and fully charged. I have an overall sense of well being. Knowing I will meet with her again keeps me not only focused on my goals but also gives me something to look forward to. My time for me, enriched by sharing it with her. She is my life line! I am so blessed to have her as my support and to have this opportunity to receive through her gifts of healing and so many blessings! With Great Love and Appreciation, ~Natalie Gonzales


Lynda has been my Life Coach for several months now. During this period of our journey together a lot happened in my life and Lynda's support has affected my life in profound ways.

As a life coach Lynda is an excellent listener. She listens and reflects back what she heard both on the verbal and emotional levels. She has an ability to sense where I'm at emotionally and mentally, even from 1400 miles away. As we worked in the many bi-weekly sessions, she listened intently, and reflected patiently to help me recognize patterns and sort through confusion. One of the biggest areas of learning for me is how Lynda models compassion and nurturing. She taught me how to be soft and compassionate with all parts of myself, even the ones I don't like. These days I find myself much more compassionate towards myself as well as towards others.

In our sessions I find myself feeling relaxed and safe even when I go deeper and become more vulnerable; and although I am usually very protective of myself for fear of being judged, up until now I've never felt judged in our coaching sessions. On the contrary, I have been growing and making huge progress in integrating the different parts of myself. Also, Lynda's gentle encouragement and suggested homework has played a helpful role in my progress. My inner integration manifests itself in my life and every day behavior. I find myself focused at work and more present in my relationship with my husband.

With Lynda I can pose new questions and explore new possibilities. She has a gentle way to remind me to stay with what emotions come up and not move on, or dismiss too quickly. She taught me to "allow" and to "make room" for my emotions, something with which I have struggled a lot in my life. In my next to last session, I had a very profound emotional release experience. Lynda's solid support and her unwavering presence carried me through this healing experience. While I was having a body/mind emotional release, Lynda's words were with me. She did not panic but rather calmly and firmly kept reassuring me that she was there with me and that I am OK. This experience was and still is extremely deep as it continues to unfold in my mind and body.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to have a life coach who is as effective and supportive as Lynda is, I feel fortunate that she is helping me grow and heal myself. Since our work started, I changed my behavior in many positive ways. I get up and go to the gym every work day, I joined a Tai Chi class and I also am going to a mindfulness based reduction class once a week. On some occasions when I was having a tough time, I called Lynda for help, and she has been there for me, coaching me through the difficulty and helping me get back to my balance very patiently and professionally.

Thank you universe for Lynda :O)
M.C. - Washington State

Lynda is a thoughtful and profoundly inspired healer. She is intuitive, gentle, and loving in her approach, always guided by inspiration above, within, and all around her. ~ J. Pelc Adler